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What you write with.


Think Smorgasbord.

We're Brett & Kiri and yes, we are.
Now you will be less likely to call and say...

"Hello, is Pen there?" 


It's time to choose a photographer.

You want artists — people you can trust to document in a way you have never seen before. 

A perspective — an eye to see all the glorious, simple, and timeless moments. 

Hours of staged photos — no thanks. 

This is your party — the dress, the shoes, all the lovely little details, music - they're playing your favorite song! 

Dancing, crying, laughing — and everything in between.

Have a riot. Be you. We'll be us. 


We Dig

warm summer nights at the ballpark ⁄ jordan, pippen, grant ⁄ sweetness #34 ⁄ cold brewed coffee ⁄ breakfast anytime ⁄ sea to sky hwy ⁄ fresh churros ⁄ good conversations ⁄ cell phone etiquette ⁄ our nieces & nephews ⁄ stars at night ⁄ flippin' through magazines ⁄ vintage shoes ⁄ avocados at every meal ⁄ old school rap  ⁄ jurassic park ⁄ fireflies at dusk ⁄ our vitamix ⁄ charleston, sc ⁄ daniel, sylvie 

and especially — you 


Bio photo by Jill DeVries